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Voice & Piano Lessons!

Nura offers voice and piano lessons in North Portland, OR, to ages 7 and 100!!

Having taught for 23 years, Nura makes it a point to listen to her students and designs a curriculum matching their ability and help them to meet their goal.

Her teaching method focuses on technique and stage presence, to not only to succeed at your performance but to also feel satisfied with your progress and results.   

Nura, started her studies at a young age at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg, in Luxembourg and graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and a graduate program at the Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California in Los Angeles,  CA. In addition she is a certified as a Music Together teacher.

If you want to develop vocal skills, sing to pour your heart out, learn to play a sonata, prep for an audition, a school play, maybe prepare a surprise song for a wedding or a birthday or maybe you just want to improve your musicianship, there is always a good reason to make music! 

Class length are 30 min, 45min and 1 hour lessons.


" My singing lessons with Miss Nura helped me significantly improve my vocal techniques. I had lessons once a week and each time, I was excited to learn more. I would bring in a song that I wanted to work on each week and sometimes she'd suggest songs too. Before practicing the songs, she trained my voice through a variety of vocal exercises that strengthened my voice. Miss Nura positively encouraged me to sing well. She helped me understand the songs more in order to feel confident and not shy during performances. Overall, she is a wonderful vocal teacher and I am happy to have been one of her students." Alyssa Goto, Young Adult Student

"Nura is a very positive, fun, and encouraging teacher. She lets you choose what you like genre-wise and so we explored everything from Broadway to opera. I always looked forward to her classes and would continue to take lessons from her if I had more time!" Autumn Anderson, Adult Student

"I think that having personalized voice lessons has been the best investment in my singing journey.  I've been a vocalist for many years, but never have had a formal lesson before.  I was privileged to have Nura as my first voice teacher.  From the first session on, she was patient, encouraging, and made it a most positive experience for me.  Under Nura's guidance, she helped me learn better technique and overcome personal obstacles.  Lessons were fun and engaging, and most of the time, we'd spend our time laughing and just having a good time during our sessions.  All the vocal exercises, and all the practicing and reminding was worth it.  I've had people tell me that they have seen an amazing difference in my voice, and I am more confident when I sing.  Thanks, Nura, for all your help!"     Diane Lieu, Adult Student


"My 6 year old daughter loved her music lessons with Nura. She'd been avoiding piano for a while so we decided to try a different approach. Nura combined music theory, history, singing and several new instruments and from the very first lesson my daughter's enthusiasm returned. After just a few lessons she asked to sign up for her very first audition. I have no doubt that it was Nura's encouragement and coaching that gave her the confidence she needed to audition in front of the directors and to sing and dance to an audience of 800 people. Thanks, Nura!" Diane Dawson Mom of student.

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